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Location Country Courses Registered Website
Bethel Bible Institute Tamilnadu India 2
Bethel Faith Spark Bible College Tamil Nadu India 3 www.bethelbiblecollege.in
Bethel New Life College Bangalore India 0
Bethel Reformed Puritan Theological School and Advanced Studies Mindanao Philippines 0
Bethesda Bible College Goa India 2
Bethesda Christian University Anaheim, CA United States 0 www.bcu.edu/
Bethlehem Bible College West Bank Palestinian Territory 0 www.bethbc.com
Beulah Heights University Atlanta, GA United States 5 www.beulah.edu
Bibelfernunterricht (BFU) Worms Germany 0 www.bfu-online.org
Bibelschule Aidlingen Aidlingen Germany 1 www.diakonissenmutterhaus-aidlingen.de/cms/bibelschule
Bibelschule Brake Lemgo Germany 1 www.bibelschule-brake.de
Bibelschule Kirchberg Kirchberg Germany 3 www.bsk.org
Bibelseminar Bonn e.V. Bornheim-Roisdorf Germany 4 www.bsb-online.de
Bible College of South Australia Malvern, SA Australia 9 www.biblecollege.sa.edu.au
Bible Institute of South Africa Western Cape South Africa 3 www.bisa.org.za
Bible Training Centre for Pastors Tucker, GA United States 1 www.bibletraining.com
Biblical Evangelical School of Theology Yangon Myanmar 1
Biblical Graduate School of Theology Singapore Singapore 5 www.bgst.edu.sg
Biblical Life Institute Freeport, PA United States 40 www.bli4u.org
Biblical Seminary of the Philippines Metro Manila Philippines 1 www.bsop.edu.ph